The Beaudesert RSL Sub Branch was first founded in the early 1918’s, but which month we do not know as no records were kept, it is also not known where their meetings were held. This year is our Centenary Year.

However it isBeaudesert RSL Sub Branch known that in 1951 the first load of logs were brought in by Dick Jurd, free of charge, to enable the Sub Branch to erect a building in Jane Street (presently the Girl Guides Hall).

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s these premises were sold and the Sub Branch then moved into a room at the Shire Council Chambers new office block in Brisbane Street.

This was later sold back to the council and the RSL purchased land at the top end of Brisbane Street, to build a complex for various uses as well as RSL Offices. This building did not transpire as the Sub Branch decided to purchase the old Post Office which came on the market in the late 1960’s. This Building became the RSL Services Club which is a seperate entity to the Sub Branch

Beaudesert RSL Sub Branch Inc. was incorporated in 2009.Our Office is called “Flanders House”

At present the Beaudesert RSL Sub Branch is situated in the Neilsen Building on the Crn. of William and Brisbane Street in Beaudesert, where we conduct our core objective looking after the Welfare and Wellbeing of our Members their families and any Veterans that requires assistance.

We have a group of very dedicated Qualified Welfare Officers that can assist with any DVA Claims

We also run in conjunction with the QABS a transport service to assist Veterans and Community Members to access medical Appointments, this is run by Volunteers..